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Over the Rainbow's Shipping Information

Shipping and Handling
United States Domestic Mail Rates
***NEW POLICY****FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $100

Please note that for Domestic Shipping I use USPS Priority Mail
- Flat Rate envelopes I charge $6.75 and the Medium Flat Rate Boxes I charge $13 for and the Large FRB is $18 The website will automatically assign a fixed shipping cost, which is usually more than needed
- I will readjust when I run your credit card through.
- For International customers I use the Priority Flat Rate Envelope and Legal Flat Rate Envelope which is now $24 for Canada and $34 for the rest of the world which I can fit up to 11 yards of regular cotton, or 4 yards of flannel, 3 yds of wide back OR 2 yards of minkee...
- For the flat rate medium box shipping cost is now $45 for Canada and $75 for the rest of the world, and the Large FRB is $59.95 for Canada and $95 Worldwide. The best value for your shipping dollar is to ship 11 yards in the Legal Flat Rate Envelope...
- For Paypal customers if you wait until I invoice you then you will not overpay.
- Due to the variety of items I carry in addition to fabric (ceramics, puzzles, tote bags, etc...) it's difficult to accurately predict the shipping cost until the order is processed.
- Please know my goal is NOT to make money on shipping, but to cover my actual costs and not lose money! - Orders are shipped out within 1 - 2 business days.

Orders up to $49.99 $6.75
Orders $50.00 - $99.99 $12.90
Orders $100 FREE

International rates will be charged direct costs.
$19.95 for Canada via Priority Flat Rate or Legal Flat Rate International.
$23.95 for everywhere else via Priority Flat Rate or Legal Flat Rte International Envelope
I can fit 5 yards of flannel or
11 yards of regular cotton or
2 yards of Minkee in the flat rate envelopes.
The new Legal Flat Rate Envelope ( same cost as the Priority envelope) can fit up to 11 yards of Cotton! What a value!
USPS now has an Priority Flat Rate Box as well - $40.95 for Canada and $59.95 for the rest of the world. The new Large Game Box is $53.95 for Canada and $77.95 for the rest of the world.
For orders larger than will fit in the Flat Rate envelopes cost is exact fee and I will let you know after your order is cut and weighed. Sending increments of 8-11 yards via the flat rate envelope is the most cost efficient.
We will always adjust the shipping cost to match the actual shipping and will send an email w/ the adjusted amount since the website will assign shipping by amount.

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